Getting a dog saved my life


As I write this post I have tears streaming down my face, happy tears, looking back on how far I’ve come over the last few years, and the one constant part of my life has been Phoebe. Thinking back to when I got her I never knew just how much she would change my life! Anyone that knows me knows how much I love animals (all animals) with all my heart and I would do anything and everything to help, save, rescue them, and if I had a house with a large garden, I would have more!

I had lost my hair about 9 months before my little Phoebe came into my life and I was in a very dark place for much of that time. I had changed from this bubbly outgoing person who loved life into someone who didn’t want to leave the house, but obviously I had to go to work to pay he bills, so my life became a cycle of going to work and coming home – I did nothing else. I had nothing to look forward to, nothing that got me excited about life and I was merely existing albeit in my own hell! I hated my life but didn’t know how to change it, this was until this little black frug jumped full speed into my life, and my whole life changed for the better over a course of 24 hours.

As an adult I had always wanted a dog, but never committed to it due to the worries of having to leave it on its own in the house all day whilst I went to work (I didn’t want that) so, when Phoebs showed up I made sure I could take her to work with me. She was tiny when I got her, but don’t be fooled by her small stature, she’s a frickin’ whirlwind and the embodiment of a ‘larger than life’ personality.

It was Christmas 2014 and I had 2 weeks off work which meant 2 weeks of adventure for me and my little dude. I ended up having to leave the house, she needed her walks and boy did we go on lots and lots of walks to different places. We would get in the car and drive somewhere beautiful just so she could experience a new place. She LOVED life and still does (although she has become a lot more stubborn – its the bulldog trait!). My mum always says that she’s worse than a child, she needs constant attention, constant fuss and really has everyone wrapped around her little paws.

She’s 4 years old now and is spoilt absolutely rotten – its disgusting how much money I spend on her. She doesn’t eat dog food, I cook her meals for her fresh every day. Its specifically made so she has fresh food for every meal and the correct percentage of all things she needs for a balanced diet for a dog her age/breed/size. She sleeps in bed with me and has done from the start, it would break her heart if she had to sleep on her own, so she doesn’t, and I wouldn’t want that either!  She’s a little diva!

She has made me want to live again, I need to be healthy and ‘happy’ for her as she picks up on my mood, so if I’m down she tries to lift my mood by being silly, she’s very intuitive! My mum and dad love her so much (I swear they love her more than they love me! haha). She has my dad sussed, when she’s on her ‘holiday’ in Wales she gets to go to the beach a few times a day and loves riding in the car with my dad. My dad is this big burly guy and it makes me chuckle when the two of them are hanging out as she has this bright pink harness and is essentially a tiny lapdog! He definitely gets some funny looks! 🙂

The moral of this story for me is that no matter how hopeless you feel, how sad you are, someone can enter your life so unexpectedly and turn it completely upside down in the best way possible. There is always hope, there is always something to live for, to be excited for and for me that was Phoebe, a 10kg black frug (French Bulldog x Pug). She’s the reason I want to do better, to be able to take her on adventures and give her the best life possible.

If it meant that I could have her forever I would sell all my belongings, my houses, cars, jewellery, beautiful clothes – those things don’t mean anything to me. They’re just ‘things’. Phoebe helped me more than any therapist, psychologist, Consultants and Dr’s. So if you’re in a crappy head space, suffering from depression and you’re in a position to give an animal the best home ever, then do it! The reward is unconditional love and loyalty – more than you’d get from any person!

Let me know what you guys think, DM me if you don’t want to share it openly, I would love to know your experience with a pet, and how they’ve changed your life. What are your thoughts?
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