Bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review

Before I jump into my thoughts on the letterbox cake, Did you guys have a lovely Christmas? I did, I also cooked Christmas dinner for all the fam, even made a Victorian plum pudding (it took 9 hours to cook!) OMG! I don’t even like Christmas Pudding (or otherwise knows as plum pudding!) but those who ended up eating them both seemed to like it – or they didn’t want to hurt my feelings! Haha

So before Christmas (20th December) the guys at Bakerdays sent over this lovely little letterbox cake as a gift to see what my thoughts were. I was given the option of the flavour (chocolate obviously! ?) and what kind of design I wanted. I left it up to the creative types to choose a Christmassy design for me and boy was it cute!

It came in a lovely little tin and was very well packaged so that it could make the journey through the post in one piece. It arrived with no damage whatsoever, not even a crack in the fondant! The cake itself is 5 inches and cost £14.99 (on the day of writing this post.)

When I cut the cake, it was immediately apparent that it was quite delicate for a cake made to withstand our heavy handed postal service. The chocolate icing was perfect and the cake itself moist. I cut a piece of the cake and tried it, it was tasty! It tasted freshly made and didn’t have the synthetic taste that you would imagine from a cake sent in the mail.

It lasted all of 10 minutes with my other half munching away at it (it was nice with a cuppa tea too!). Ive never seen a cake being sent in the mail before, I’m sure they exist (like everything these days) but it was such a great idea that I was happy to give it a try.


baker days letterbox cake

For anyone that follows me, know I love baking and although I’m not a ‘professional’ baker – I know a good cake from a crappy one! (Although some of my experiments end up in the crappy pile!)

If you are looking to buy someone a gift, this is certainly a great option. You can fully personalise it for that special occasion. Have a look at the cute little photos I took of my cake under the tree.

Let me know if you have ever tried anything like this, what did you think of it? Was it good? Bad? Id love to hear from you!

If you fancy checking out Bakerdays and what they offer – visit

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