Alopecia is not cancer


OK, so here goes. I have Alopecia (yawn!!). I’m sure you will have read about this in my earlier post. For those of you who haven’t, I have a type of Alopecia that resulted in complete hair loss – this type is called Alopecia Universalis.

I lost my hair in February 2014, all of my hair from my head to my toes vanished over a 10 day period. Cue the ‘its only hair’ comments, which is fine, and I agree. However, there comes a point in this crazy AU journey where I do get angry that I’ve lost my hair, and the ‘why me?’ question still rears its ugly head most days, but I think i’m dealing with it magically. (most days anyway!).


The reason I’m bringing this up again is that a couple of days ago, a friend of mine text me with a link to an article written about me, stating that I had cancer and that my hairloss was the result of cancer treatment. This couldn’t have been further from the truth – and a massive offence to those who actually HAVE cancer.

I had to address this as I feel as though I’ve been used. My condition, although not life threatening, has been used to market hair replacement systems from a company I dealt with almost 2 years ago. By ‘market’ I mean, complete and utter fabrication! In their mind cancer sells! Its so vile and disgusting that i’m genuinely offended. (I don’t usually get offended…by anything…ever!)

See, I’ve had close family members die of cancer. My granddad, who meant more to me than anyone, died from bowel cancer right in front of my eyes. I can assure you that he (or anyone else for that matter) would much prefer to go through AU than through cancer, any day. To lose your hair through AU, or to lose your hair through cancer treatment? That’s a no brainer, which is why i’m gobsmacked that someone would think those things, let alone use it as a way to market their cheap and nasty product, this angers me so much! (Its a good job I’ve no hair, otherwise id be pulling it out in frustration!)

Why are you looking at me?

I’ve had my fair share of sorry looks over the last 3 years. I’ve had people tell me its ‘only hair’ and that I’m lucky to have my health – trust me, I know! But there’s something about this article that makes me sad too. I’m lucky yes! I’m bald, yes! I don’t deserve pitying glances and assumptions made that the only logical reason I have no hair is cancer. The Big C! An illness that rips families apart, takes loved ones of all ages, who doesn’t discriminate against the rich or poor, race or religion. I’m lucky as I ‘only’ have Alopecia. And the offence is taken because some people think that cancer is an acceptable way to sell products! This will NEVER be OK!

Now a little backstory about my dealings with this company. I wanted a ‘hair replacement system’ as I wanted to be reminded of what it felt like to wake up with ‘hair’. This was something I had forgotten, and the feeling of being able to wake up with a sassy bun filled me with happiness. I could be a normal girl for a few months – waking up with hair! Perfect!

Named & Shamed?

Anyway, this feeling of joy soon faded when I had to go back and forth to the place in Salford as there would be something consistently wrong with the system, it would come off, the glue would seep into the hair damaging it, it would look just worn – even after a few weeks! Remember, I had to pay £750 for this (and this was half off apparently on a deal I got online!) so it wasnt cheap! Everytime I would need an appointment it also cost £25-£30 for them to re-glue the hair back on as it would keep coming off!

I became more and more aware of my AU, more and more self-conscious, even though initially I was happy with the system (I didn’t have anything else to compare it to). The owner ordered a new system for me and I had to pay another £150 to cover his cost, which I thought was fine – however, I had this less than a week and noticed a huge rip in the side where they had ripped it through trying to stretch a small cap to fit my head. This really upset me, not only because I no longer felt girly or wake up with my sassy bun, but because id been royally ripped off with no solution to the problems I was experiencing at the hands of the owner.

I would name and shame this company, but thats not my style, i’d rather it be dealt with legally since this article about me is a complete lie. However, I have notified the Alopecia groups I’m in and linked the article, just to make others aware, so that no-one else is taken advantage of. Once everything is resolved, I will let you all know who the company is and should you wish to find out in private, you can always get in touch with me!

The moral of this post is that if something doesn’t feel right to you, speak up. Research companies you wish to spend your hard earned money with, read reviews, speak to others before committing to anything. I essentially lost over a thousand pounds, and all it did was make me feel like crap! Totally not worth it!


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