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Alopecia and DEAD PRETTY go hand in hand. You see, the owner has Alopecia Universalis and understands how difficult this journey is. DEAD PRETTY was conceived from the idea that life with Alopecia or any form of Hairloss shouldn’t be difficult. 


DEAD PRETTY lashes were designed not only for everyday wear, but to be worn with NO existing lashes! Most strip lashes they aren’t designed to be used with NO lashes to begin with, this is where we are different! These eyelashes are lightweight, comfortable and striking and WILL adhere even if you have no lashes whatsoever. Check out the DEAD PRETTY YouTube Channel for more Tips and Tricks on how to apply lashes when you have none to begin with.


Should you have Alopecia / Hairloss – fill out the form below, upload your NHS Prescription or Alternative evidence and you will get a discount code emailed to you for up to 30%off the RRP every time you purchase from DEAD PRETTY.