5 top tips for living with alopecia


Here are my 5 Top Tips for Living with Alopecia

1. Accept it – had I accepted that I was losing my hair sooner, I would have been much happier – in all my 30 years on this earth, I had never suffered from Alopecia until one Friday morning at work I noticed a small missing patch of hair, 10 days later I had no hair anywhere on my body. Lets face it, you’re never going to be ‘happy’ about losing your hair, nor are you ever really going to accept it, but you can accept the cards you’ve been dealt which will in turn lead to you accepting your situation.

2. Explore Coping Strategies – for me, my coping strategy was exploring different types of wigs and experimenting with makeup. I can honestly say that wigs and makeup saved me from the big black hole of depression. I could have any colour, any style hair that I wan

Before and After

ted and that made it fun and exciting. I was getting bolder with my makeup and could nail a smokey eye with both eyes shut! The only thing I found difficult at first was doing my brows and putting on eyelash strips. Practice does in fact make perfect when fake lashes are concerned! If at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try again!

3. Talk to people in the same situation – The Alopecia UK group on Facebook became my source of information and a way of speaking to people who lived with alopecia every day. Some were at the beginning stages like myself, whereas others had been living with alopecia for years. Whether you talk to close friends and family, its up to you, but I found that being honest about my condition was far better than having people speculate what was wrong with me – on so many occasions I was asked if I had cancer, even by complete strangers. I would get pitying glances almost daily which I found harder to deal with. Be open and ‘try’ to embrace your new life.

4. Take your power back, shave your head – I would HIGHLY recommend shaving the remainder of your hair, but only if you’re at the stage where you cant do anything about the patches/thinning hair. This really does give you control over the situation. The sooner you take control, the sooner you can move forward. Below photo shows the thinning of my hair after only 3 days of discovering a small 50p sized bald patch.

I then had an appointment to have a wig fitted at Nicky Oliver on Oldham Street, Manchester. (In hindsight I wouldn’t have gone there – my reasoning will be outlined in another blog) Anyway, I had my wig fitting and he wanted to charge me £20.00 to shave the little bit of hair I had on my head, I said id do it myself and he decided to do it for me. (It took less than 30 seconds to shave it off. Once the last bit of hair had gone, it gave me freedom, it took the worry that more hair was going to fall off completely away. That’s when I accepted I was now a 30 year old bald woman.

5. Be Bold (Pun intended) and share your tips & tricks with others – Always know that no matter how hard this hair-loss journey is, you can help others just by understanding what they are going through. What best way to understand Alopecia than to go through it yourself. Anything that’s helped you cope, share it with others! (Comment down below if you have any tips/tricks that will help other Alopecians)

Please share your experiences down below, and any tips you may have for those of us that are living with alopecia would be fab!

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